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Hi, I'm a desert transplant and happy to be one. 

Having traveled with my husband to several Air Force Bases (most of them warm weather locations) during his career, we finally have been able to choose where we want to be.  Las Vegas' valley is a far cry from where we grew up in Minnesota (and many degrees warmer)! 

My gift shop has gone through several locations and growth over the 29 years I have been in business.  I look forward to the growth and changes to come as we move into new areas of growth with the help of the internet. 

Unique Imported & Domestic Selections
120 East Horizon Drive, Suites D-F
Henderson, Nevada 89015
(702) LOV-XMAS

If you are searching for additions to your own collection or a special gift, come see me.

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Telephone: 702-LOV-XMAS

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