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Is it finally time put that great idea of yours to work?

Art helps people turn their great ideas into successful firms -- with results resting on research-based, continuously improving business strategy and design, tailored to their founders’ passion for service.

Specifically, Art helps people:

  • Start, improve, or disengage … to manage the distribution of profit from their [For-Profit] company. -- or --
  • Start, improve, or disengage … while ensuring continuing success of a [Non-Profit] organization.

His services help entrepreneurs identify and achieve their business goals through confidential mentoring relationships. Art offers a broad spectrum of associate expertise tailored to specific issues – like operational process diagnostics and business practices re-design, or non-profit capital formation [RitterGroup].

Art also helps National Defense firms and government agencies resolve issues related to military systems operational test and evaluation and tactics development and evaluation.  See [Defense T&E]

Art works with churches and faith-based non-profit groups, helping them tune their organizations -- often via the numerous programs and the experts at The Vision Group, Ltd. - a ministry to these audiences.  Check out: www.TheVisionGroupLtd.com!

Through Mark Hovind’s unequalled executive job search firm, JobBait.com, Art has mentored six and seven figure executives  on professional website content development.  Continuing the ministry founded by Mark and developed by both of them (in Mark's memory), Art continues to help people search for new jobs through his ad-hoc Work Finding Ministry.

So, is it finally time put your great idea to work?

Pick a link that interests you on the menu above -- or contact Art  … and let’s get started!


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