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Do you want a new or better job?

… in a professionally and spiritually fulfilling setting?

… where you can be happy and grow in the workplace?

… and have dignified and challenging work?

“Be careful what you ask for … you might get it!”

On the second Monday of each month, Mark Hovind [JobBait.com] and Art Ritter [Home] help people like you create the tools you need to find a job in today’s job market – through their job-finding, Workshops - via the cyberspace -- on your computer and your telephone.

They use Mark's proven techniques for finding jobs that are never advertised in the media, on the job boards, or through the "networks."  Done right, job seekers have an 85% chance of landing a job - at the salary they ask - in 90 days ... and half get multiple, simultaneous job offersWant some of this?

Please Click: [Workshops] now - to participate in these fast-paced and effective job-finding workshops!

This is Art and Mark's way of giving back to our communities.

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