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The basic problems of testing new weapon systems…

Does the test design, plan, and report meet your client’s needs?

Art helps people like you design test programs to discover needed results and their planning and reporting systems to express these results clearly for their user – at command level, on staff, and in the field. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Developed, edited, contributed to, and corrected major defense department test and evaluation master plans correcting them to current service and department guidance -- generally before their principal author is aware of such guidance or its changes.
  • Written plans and reports for operational test and tactics development projects that saved significant test and reporting production time and expense – and produced reports that actually get read and used in the field.
  • Constructed rapid-response tools that standardize plan and report writing to the current guidance and saved four-fold in time and expense of producing these documents.

You make and execute the decisions. Art’s advice addresses the:

  • Guidance, structure, and content of the Test and Evaluation Master Plan.
  • Format and content of the Test Order(s) – emphasizing field and command interest in the objectives and resources identification and phasing.
  • Design of the test, structure and content of the Test Plan and supporting and allied documents.
  • Structure and content of the Test Report including phasing of its intermediate products – and of its phased completion as the test progresses.

Art’s advice – and the details of your idea and business -- always remain private and confidential, as can the fact of our business relationship.

Art’s most recent clearance is TOP SECRET (08Jun07) and (SSBI 22Jan07). In previous military assignments, Art has also held compartmented clearances.

Art’s annual compensation for these services is generally in the low six-figures; but is scaled to the complexity of the task. The client or sponsoring agency manages my clearance, information and physical access, work station, and .mil address.

If you are about to begin a defense-related test (or need to bail one out), call or email Art – today!

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