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The basic problems of non-profit operations…

Do you have a great idea for delivering a public good to its target?

Art helps people like you turn great ideas into high-performance non-profit organizations, ensure their responsible and responsive governance, design their organization and processes, identify and realize their funding relationships, and realize a better community as the result of the passion, dedication, and hard work they pour into their great idea. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Mentored a local chapter of a national, homeless veterans’ life-skills organization into existence relying on the national model and addressing the local web of complementary services sources, regulatory agencies, and funding sources.  He also wrote its establishing Federal grants.
  • Mentored a diverse group of non-profit employees out of an otherwise good idea to start a non-profit, case management service because of the diversity of their individual and personal financial needs – and the probable timing from start-up to paycheck.

Does your non-profit need to realign to its target’s emerging needs?

Through their Board and senior professional leadership, Art helps non-profit organizations re-define their mission and values as the needs of the population they serve evolve – or as disruptive technologies make past processes, goods, and services obsolete. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Mentored a non-profit immigrant mutual services association through several years of budget building, program selection and execution, and funding cycles to achieve recognition for leadership in their service delivery area and the generosity and mutual commitment they built within their local community.

Does your non-profit face leadership succession woes?

With their Boards, and senior professional leadership, Art helps non-profit organizations plan for and realize smooth succession of Board members and of the senior professional leadership. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Mentored several Boards through succession planning for both Board members and senior professional staff, heading off both leadership stagnation and panic in the face of un-programmed departures.

How does this work?

You make and execute the decisions. Art’s advice addresses:

  • Missions, visions, target population needs, and service provision outcomes –
    … this is the business of changing lives.
  • Organizational design and behavior mechanisms focused on mission, vision, and need.
  • Human, financial, and other resources,
  • Operational services delivery and organizational business processes.
  • Governance at the vision, policy, and operational levels.
  • Regulatory, donor, referral, and other stakeholders.
    … these are the business of responsible stewardship of the public trust.

Art’s advice – and the details of your idea and business -- always remain private and confidential, as can the fact of the mentoring relationship, itself.

Art’s fees are scaled by these projects’ type and complexity- and are bid for the specific task; but, are usually north of $10,000 for the larger efforts among these services. Some organizational needs are met through strategic partnerships [www.therittergroup.com], which are separately billed.

If turning your great idea -- and your passion for it -- into a non-profit organization definition, improvement, or continuing governance appeals to you, call or email Art – today!

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