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The basic problems of for-profit business…

Do you have a great idea ready to sell in today’s market place?

Art helps people like you turn great ideas into thriving businesses, retain their business ownership and control, and realize the reward from the passion, dedication, and hard work they pour into their great idea. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Turned an idea for using a new metal extraction process to a projected $10 million/year business that will provide graded dirt to the construction industry, bring high purity metals and rare earth products to commodities markets, and reshape and restore the land ready to develop for new business, recreational, residential, and agricultural uses.

Is your business sluggish -- or unresponsive to today’s market?

Art helps people like you revitalize their businesses; re-focus them, their products, and their operating processes on today’s market; and install systems that will keep their business responsive to the customer’s emerging need. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • Brought an idea that was going nowhere on its own to a $2 million/year product that provides electrical connection adapters to the fifth-wheel industry and its after-market.

Is it time to scale-back your participation – and enjoy its fruits?

Art helps people preserve the wealth created in their businesses by creating a framework for its responsible use within the business, the family, and the community. In his consulting practice, Art has:

  • While turning an idea for delivering hands-on health care by a single-provider-owner into a $100,000 first-year business (projected to double sales each year), developed the growth model to allow the single provider-owner to expand with more providers, control the quality of delivered services, and to eventually disengage from participating in the business to teaching -- with a continuing income stream from the business.
  • Counseled six-figure executives entering a new (and higher-paying) jobs on personal wealth management and how to retain control over “social rent” – to serve the community improvement burdens they personally bear – rather than letting their income bleed off to other uses through unnecessary taxation.

How does this all work?

In all of this, you make and execute the decisions for your business. Art’s advice addresses:
• Your retention of active ownership and control of your idea and of your business (and then, management succession with a continuing income stream to you and your family -- as disengagement becomes appropriate);

  • Market-ready development of your idea;
  • High-profit market, resource, and regulatory identification;
  • Lean organization form, design, and staffing;
  • Effective and efficient process design for operation and continuing improvement;
  • Planning and presentations necessary to bring the people, resources, product and business ideas, and markets together for success – and –
  • Your retention and active management of the wealth that your great idea creates through your business success.

Art’s advice – and the details of your idea and business -- always remain private and confidential, as can the fact of our mentoring relationship.

Art’s fees (billable hours) are scaled by your projects’ type and complexity; but, are usually north of $20,000 for these services. His compensation can balance cash with an equity position.

If turning your great idea -- and your passion for it -- into financial security for yourself and your family appeals to you, call or email Art -- today!

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